First of all, Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Basically I am a Developer for the field of Journal/Book Publishing. I am working in Typesetting field since 1996. My Entire goal in this field is to achieve print and Web versions in a single attempt by minimizing manual work to the maximum extent.

International Publishers are more and more concentrate on Web Deliveries with High Expectations on Latest Technologies. Within a sphere of Heavy competition and worst downfall in the International Economy, one has to fulfill the Customer’s Requirements without loosing their minimum guarentee on revenue. Automation, Maximum Utilization of Open Source and Creative Minds are the best needs of our time.

Keeping all these in mind, I can able to provide Solution to my Employers through my Experience, keen observation in the production requirements, Tireless and great involvement in R & D. With all my basic qualities and a great lover of learning. I have provided so many valuable Solutions and Tools in the past to my Employers.

Academically I am not a Computer Student, even though I learned and emerged in this field as a Assistant Manager of Technical Support Department from the basic level. I hope certainly it would prove my qualities.

I started my carrier in this field as a Poltype Operator, then moved to Adobe Pagemaker, later on learned to use 3B2 (now it is Advanced Print Publihser) and become a Developer, Team Leader of Template Development.

In the process of synchronizing Print and Web Deliverable jobs, Unavoidably I am extended my Reasearch and Developments into all the relative areas such as XML Conversion, Image Conversion, Font Conversion, Font Creation, Database connectivity, Scripting and Programming, Ebook conversion, Smart PDF conversion.

In this continuous process I learned and well versed in HTML, XML, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, XSL-FO, CSS, Perl, MySql, Apache, Apache FOP. Also in so many Open source softwares such as JEdit, Scribus, FontForge, Gimp, ImageMagick, InkScape, Irfanview, Ghostscript, TeX, LaTeX, etc.

It all makes me equipped with providing a complete Automated solution for the field of Publishing with On Time, High Quality, low cost.